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    Ray Ban glasses, J. Lindberg tie, Van Husen shirt, RL Ralph Lauren sweater.  Trying to sharpen up my look.  Got the shirt at JC Pennys, and the sweater at Costco.  

    See more photos of big gents with style (and send in one of your own) at Chubstr

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    Chubstr made it into the New York Times and we’re giving you a closer look at one of the photos featured in the article. Take a look at Bruce’s 3 piece suit from Indochino and learn about their new outerwear collection for fall at Chubstr.

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    When I start drinking..

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    American Eagle plaid shirt (from TJ Maxx), New Era snapback Montreal Canadiens (ordered online), Levi 501 from Macy’s, blue Chuck Taylors

    Check out today’s reader photo and send in one of your own. Find out how to share your style here: http://bit.ly/OOBvRa

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    This blog has been needing some fat mermen. Phew. What a relief!

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    Corporate in purple II

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    Family Portrait.

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    Remember when I mentioned that I was featured in a magazine? There was a fashion show attached to it, and here’s a shot of yours truly on the catwalk. I never thought I’d be a plus size male model

    Send us your looks and show off your style

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    This reader took a dapper formal look & made it his own. Show the world your #plussize style:  http://bit.ly/1pn12oZ


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    It’s getting warmer - should you shave off that winter beard? Read our tips for hot weather beard management before you decide: http://bit.ly/1rgv0sl


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    hi. my name is dalton and i like to dance.

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