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    I went to a geek convention with my friend yesterday. After months of slowly gaining confidence in my appearance, I had decided to make and wear a short color-blocked sheath dress, based on one of my favorite comic book characters: Rogue. I have long hair that I dyed red to go with the look, did…


  2. body symbols


    Thin privilege is not having your body used, simultaneously, as a symbol for greed/gluttony/opulence and for poverty. How it can represent both I’m not sure, but it seems to? 


  3. cyanide-the-candy-deactivated20 said: If being fat is so hard...Why not just lose weight? I used to be overweight, then I worked out, not anymore! Sure, there's no such thing as a "Lose 15 lbs in 15 minutes", it takes time and discipline, but at the same time there's no such thing as "Gland problem that makes me gain 100+ lbs" At least not at the magnitude you make out. You're angry, "Triggered", right now? Why? Because what I'm suggesting means you put forth effort to be happy, and not sit on tumblr neck deep in self-pity.


    If being discriminated against is so hard, then why not conform, regardless of whether it is or should be possible, or how much it costs physically, psychologically, and financially? 

    —said every privileged conformist ever

    You’re boring.



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    Support Abundant Bodies at AMC2014

    The Abundant Bodies track at the AMC this summer needs your help to support the work of fat activists with their workshops and activist organizing.

    I’m part of two different sessions but there are so many amazing workshops and other activists who are coming to Detroit to talk about fat politics over the weekend. They all need financial support to not only get to the conference but also for lodging and other expenses over the weekend. 

    via the funding campaign,

    Some of the most well-known fat activists (including Dr. Charlotte CooperAmanda LevittVirgie Tovar) will be sharing their brilliance alongside up and coming young qtpoc fatties. Some of the topics and issues folks are exploring include race & fat activism, the “dangers” of excessive selfie consumptions, exploring fat & kink, building an inclusive fat community, body autonomy vs. body positivity, reimagining desirability, fat activism for unruly people, and so much more! 

    From the program guide:

    ln this track we will gather, share and celebrate the wisdom and abundance of our bodies. Abundant/thick/fat bodies are the target of so much hate, policing and negativity, even in our organizing communities. How do we unlearn mainstream ideas of what a body should look like and (re)-learn to celebrate the diversity, resilience, wisdom and beauty of all bodies? This track will explore these questions and create spaces to challenge the ongoing ways mainstream media shames and harms abundant bodies, to name fatphobia in our organizing and activism, and to create media and practical strategies for resistance, healing and community building. We will broaden the conversation around fat activism by centering this track on the voices of Indigenous, Black, people of color, dis/abled, super-sized, trans and queer fat folks. Through workshops, panels and skillshares we will transform mainstream ideas around abundant bodies and create resilient communities, media and art centred around abundant bodies!

    Please support and share this campaign! There are a ton of awesome perks for donating too!

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    I made a post with a few different projects that are happening right now in fat community and need financial support!

    Take the time to donate and / or share!

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    And it only took about an hour for bigots to take up a petition demanding that he change his lifestyle so that he may be considered worthy. People on my facebook are posting very fat-shamey statuses about it. Worst part is they don’t even realize they’re being discriminatory. They’re too busy…

    Glad this has been brought to attention. Its high time white fat men in the public eye caught up with what their slim counterparts have turned fatness into.

    If fat people accorded high societal status had exhibited more backbone and taken a stand, at some point, fat phobes would never have gained as much ground as they have.

    No one’s asking anyone to be FA, just to stop allowing your life to be dictated to you by ignorance. Tell your own story like slim people do. 

    Draw some boundaries on what you will and won’t tolerate instead of mouthing platitudes and acceding to mob rule.

    I’m glad Dr. Barette choose not to just roll over and tried his best to resist. It’s the responsibility of all fat people to kick this kind of presumption out of the dominance it has been allowed to gain in their lives.

    Being is not a “lifestyle”.

    Fat phobes are stealing more and more from homophobes book of bullshit with their “fat is a lifestyle” idiocy. The lazy tools can’t even come up with their own mindless bigotry.

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    "Why you jumping so high in the sky with these yellow socks and a pink tie"- My mom, freestyling about my outfit

    Share your style with Chubstr by submitting a photo. 

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    A recent editorial I styled on plus size menswear.

    Modelled by Scott Lee Holloway

    Photoraphy by Charlotte Ridings

    Styled by Jazmin Rickards

    Thanks to Stacey Lynch, Donna Anderson & Harriet Murrin

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    Kelly of @BigCurvyLove talks to Chubstr about plus size dating, moving from Australia to L.A. & her new feature, 50 Fat Dates. Read our conversation here: http://bit.ly/1cmK4vs

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    Reggie Watts.
    Los Angeles, California.

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    If you’re not following Lee Jones, you should be. See the man himself here.

    Check out his work at http://bamjones.tumblr.com 


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    [high ]fashion

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    Sized Up is back with a shop that’s an L.A. favorite - Five Four Clothing. Find out why celebs love ‘em & see what they have to offer in extended sizes: http://bit.ly/WzSdYj

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    My friend Wade got married this past Saturday and he asked Vanessa Heins and I to photograph the day. I will post some more photos once they are all finished but for now I figured I would start off the new year with a portrait of Wade that I took that day.

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