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    “Floating Flower” by Chris Campbell

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    "[Believed] to be among the earliest (if not THE earliest), original photographic image of Barnum’s Circus and certainly the VERY earliest Image of the interior of a Circus Sideshow Tent." (1872 or 1873, source)


  5. "Is the train of abuses long enough yet? What’s it going to take for you to stand up, say “I’ve had enough!” and fight back? You are under no obligation to become an activist and I’m not saying that you have to make some kind of huge public stand, what I’m saying is that in this world simply refusing to hate yourself is an act of revolution and you are the only person who can determine how you feel about yourself."

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    FrenchToastIsVegan (via Facebook) #fatkini #fatshion

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    Right now, everyone’s still in fat people’s ‘houses’, wrecking our homes, using our stuff, going through our things mis-labelling them, telling us to go sit in the corner as if you own the place.

    We all need you to get out now.

    What I’m talking about is learning to see us as autonomous beings…


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    This is fucking awesome!

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    Deb Malkin reading at Hot & Heavy: Fierce Fat Girls on Life, Love and Fashion, at Fat Fancy in Portland


  12. Fighting for a world where Fatphobia Would Never Go Unchallenged


    "One of the reason that I started the Rolls not Trolls community was because in my ideal dream world, things like this would never, ever go unchallenged – the price for fat bashing would be an onslaught of people telling you exactly why it’s not ok.”

    - Ragen Chastain


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  14. PSA


    No, “But fat is bad for you in X way!” is not ever an excuse for fat people to get substandard medical treatment. It is flat out bigotry, plain and simple. Stop it.


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    A couple from the early 1900’s 

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